Elevating Your Path to Excellence through the McCree Center of Career and Life Success

Greetings  Fighting Squirrel Community,

I am delighted to introduce myself as Christina Harris, a Mary Baldwin alumna and the privileged Director of the McCree Center of Life Success. By this juncture, I trust that you are acquainted with the McCree Center of Career and Life Success, a dynamic addition to our university’s landscape. Our presence is resounding, and our commitment to your success is unwavering.

The center serves as an all-encompassing resource dedicated to nurturing your career and life triumphs. Far surpassing the boundaries of conventional career services, our comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to broaden your horizons both on campus and beyond. Allow me to illuminate the multitude of avenues through which we endeavor to empower you:

Empowering Workshops, Webinars, and Panels: Our agenda boasts an array of enlightening panels, meticulously crafted programming, and invigorating webinars. These curated events are tailored to aid in your self-discovery, boost your confidence, and cultivate skills that will render you a more compelling contender upon your departure from Mary Baldwin.

Hub of Answers and Information: We stand as your central hub for queries spanning the campus landscape. In cases where we may not possess an immediate solution, we pledge to bridge you with the pertinent office that can offer resolution.

Navigating Opportunities: Our reach extends to the endorsement of internships, micro internships, and both on- and off-campus positions. Via the remarkable platform, Handshake, we connect you directly with enterprises aligned with your pursuits, facilitating profound insights and valuable exposure.

Insightful Market Trends and Immersive Experiences: Stay abreast of market trends and embark on transformative experiences through the auspices of our McCree Digital Center of Life Success. Here, we deliver the support, resources, and information necessary to augment your journey.

Personalized Career Design Advising: A paramount facet of our offerings lies in career design advising, wherein you have the privilege to engage with a Career Design Advisor for personalized, one-on-one counsel tailored to your aspirations.

In closing, I implore you not to remain a stranger. The McCree Center of Career and Life Success is poised to engage with you both in the digital realm and through meaningful in-person connections. Your pursuit of excellence is our shared vision, and we eagerly anticipate fostering a bond that shall endure and evolve throughout your journey.

Yours in Empowerment,

Christina Harris Director, McCree Center of Life Success Mary Baldwin University

By Christina Harris
Christina Harris Director of McCree Center for Life Success