Information About Beginning a Career in the Music Industry

Are you a song writer, love to sing, or want a career in the music industry? If so, come to the Koren Grace Concert provided by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance to learn how Koren Grace, a Black Queer artist, started and is still sustaining her career!

The event will be held from 6-7pm in the Student Activities Center (SAC), and the first 15 minutes will be a Q&A with Koren about how she started her career and what her challenges and successes were in the past. Registration on campus is required and will be open until 6:10pm. After it closes, if you have not registered and wish to come, you will be denied entry. If you would like to bring a guest who is not a MBU student, they will be required to pay 5 dollars. This will be a fantastic, lively event, and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance hopes to see you there! If you would like more information about what careers are available to you in the music industry, please contact the McCree Center of Life Success to make an appointment with one of our career advisors! We are open from 9am-5pm in the Spencer Center. Click here to register:

By Em Yuhasz
Em Yuhasz Student Staff: McCree Center for Life Success