Staying Connected for Success: 3 Ways to Engage with Career Design over Winter Break

Hello, driven students of Mary Baldwin!

As winter break approaches and you prepare to take a well-deserved pause from your classes, remember that your journey towards career and life success doesn’t hit pause. This break is a perfect opportunity to continue nurturing your professional development and staying connected with the McCree Center of Life Success. Here are three valuable ways to make the most of your winter break while staying engaged with us:

  1. Virtual Workshops and Webinars: While you may not be attending regular classes, you can still participate in our virtual workshops and webinars focused on various aspects of career planning and skill development. These sessions offer insights into resume building, interview preparation, networking strategies, and industry-specific trends. Keep an eye on our website and newsletters for announcements about upcoming workshops that align with your career goals. Attending these sessions will help you stay informed and empowered.
  2. Alumni Success Stories: Winter break is a great time to draw inspiration from the journeys of our successful alumni. Our department often shares alumni success stories through blog posts and virtual panels. Tune in to these stories to learn about their career paths, challenges they’ve overcome, and the strategies they’ve used to thrive in their respective fields. 
  3. Virtual One-on-One Advising Sessions: Although you might not be on campus, our advising services are still available to you virtually. Winter break is an ideal time to schedule a one-on-one advising session with a Career Design Advisor. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your resume, discuss internship opportunities, explore potential career paths, or seek guidance on your job search strategy, our advisors are here to support you.

While winter break offers a chance to relax and recharge, don’t underestimate the value of maintaining momentum in your career and life success journey. By engaging with the McCree Center of Career and Life Success through virtual workshops, alumni success stories, and personalized advising, you’re investing in your own growth and maximizing your potential. As you savor the festive season, remember that you’re also laying the foundation for a prosperous and fulfilling post-graduation adventure.

We look forward to connecting with you,

Rachel Hirsh

By Rachel Hirsh
Rachel Hirsh