Ten Tips to Get Ready for the Career Fair!

Career Week is upon us at MBU, with not one but two career fairs on March 20 and 21.  Get ready because this year, we’re bringing nearly 70 organizations representing many organizations and companies, many of which are looking to hire MBU students for jobs and internships. If you haven’t attended a career fair, here are ten quick tips to make the most of your time there.  

  1. Bring plenty of copies of your resumes –  Although printed resumes are becoming rare, career fairs present an opportunity to provide a paper version for the representatives. Be sure to have your resume reviewed by a member of the McCree Center team or a faculty member to ensure it relays the information needed and intended.
  1. Update your LinkedIn profile—Resumes are still important for employers, but your LinkedIn profile is not far behind. Career fairs present an excellent opportunity to increase your network on LinkedIn.  
  1. Dress for success – Professional attire is recommended when attending a career fair.  Take advantage of the MBU clothing closet for professional clothing and accessories.  
  1. Have a game plan – If possible, research who is coming before attending the career fair and decide who you want to engage with and how much time you can spend at the career fair.  It’s unrealistic to think you can talk to every employer or stop by every booth. Here is the list of companies attending.
  1. Take a deep breath before you enter the career fair space – Career fairs can be intimidating. They can be loud, with plenty of people everywhere and lots of tables and booths all in one place. Before going in, talk to a trusted friend or a member of the McCree team to help ease the nerves and increase your confidence.  
  1. Be professional, always. Keep up your professional presence the entire time you attend a career fair. Say hello to the recruiters who attend even if they are not at their assigned table. Important conversations can happen anywhere around the career fair space.  
  1. Ask for business cards (with a caveat)—It’s still a good idea to ask for a business card; however, not all recruiters will hand them out or share their email addresses.  
  1. Ask good questions. Good questions demonstrate that you are interested in an organization and have done your research.
  1. Send a thank you note –  If you have access to a recruiter’s email address and are interested in them, a thank you note and email can be beneficial and could lead to an interview.  
  1. Ask for additional information—Even after attending a career fair, follow up with the organizers. They may have more information to share and can help you prepare a thank-you note or give you additional information or insights into the organizations you are interested in.  
By Thy Nguyen
Thy Nguyen Executive Director, McCree Center for Life Success