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You are an integral part of the students’ journey and success at Mary Baldwin and beyond, so it is our goal to provide you with the resources and support that you need.

With our mission of providing all Mary Baldwin students a foundation for career and life success, we would love to collaborate with you and help ensure our students receive the necessary mentorship, career advice and experiences so that students can apply what they learned in your classroom to their career and life goals. Please use this page as a resource and guide. If any questions arise, please reach out to us directly, as it is our pleasure to collaborate with you about the best strategies to help you meet your classroom and program goals.

How Can the Center for Life Success Help You as a Faculty Member?

Provide Specific Career Resources

Students may come to you looking for advice on how to prepare for an interview, tips on what to put on a resume, or life success tools such as financial planning after graduation. Instead of having to do the heavy lifting and searching for resources yourself, you can save time by referring your students to our Career Design Advisors, who are happy to advice them and connect them to resources or we can provide you our curated and most impactful resources that you can share with your students directly.

Gain Market Insights & Expand Your Network

As the job market and employers seem to be in a constant state of change, it is our goal to stay on top of what is going on, so that we can provide the best industry insights and employer connections to both our students and our faculty who advice our students. In addition to this, if you are searching for a specific employer contact, we are happy to try and connect you.

Build Unique Experiences Outside of the Classroom

We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to build unique experiences within your course due to the time it can take to plan and coordinate with others outside of the classroom. We can help you by working to understand your goals for the experience you want your students to have and connecting you with a community member or employer that could help create an experience that goes beyond the classroom!

Featured Articles

Navigating Finals Week: Your Success is Within Reach!

As the semester culminates in the whirlwind of finals week, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you. You’ve dedicated countless hours to your studies, persevered through challenges, and demonstrated unwavering determination. Now, as you face your final exams and projects, remember that your success is not just a possibility – it’s an inevitability.

By Rachel Hirsh
Rachel Hirsh
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 LinkedIn: Your Gateway to Personal Growth and Professional Success

In an age where connectivity and digital presence define the professional landscape, there exists a virtual realm that transcends the boundaries of conventional networking – LinkedIn. As you carve your path towards personal growth and professional success, LinkedIn emerges as a powerful tool that empowers you to amplify your journey. Today, let us embark on an exploration of how you can leverage LinkedIn for personal growth and propel your career aspirations to new heights.

By Christina Harris
Christina Harris Director of McCree Center for Life Success
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