The McCree Center

The McCree Center for Life Success is here to help all of our students build a foundation for career and life success. Using our strategic pillars, our vision is to be a transformational model for fostering career success.

Strategic Pillars

Career Development

We give opportunities to students so they can explore their interests, leverage their strengths, and develop skills.

Students, please be sure to explore our personal and professional development pages as well as create your Handshake profile.

Industry Partnerships

We create partnerships with companies and organizations across industries that lead to internships, co-op, and related positions.

Employers, please check out our employer page to see what opportunities are available to you!

Integrated Experiences

We provide clear pathways and a journey of integrated experiences for students that lead to career and life success.

Check out all of the experiences we have available on our experience page!

University Collaborations

We develop strong relationships with university partners to foster a culture of experiential education in curriculum and co-curricular settings across the university.

Technology Integration

We leverage technology to offer accessible programs and resources to all students with a focus on career readiness and workforce development.

NACE Competencies We Use to Build a Career-Ready Workforce

Career & Self Development



Critical Thinking

Equity & Inclusion




Featured Articles

Navigating Finals Week: Your Success is Within Reach!

As the semester culminates in the whirlwind of finals week, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you. You’ve dedicated countless hours to your studies, persevered through challenges, and demonstrated unwavering determination. Now, as you face your final exams and projects, remember that your success is not just a possibility – it’s an inevitability.

By Rachel Hirsh
Rachel Hirsh
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 LinkedIn: Your Gateway to Personal Growth and Professional Success

In an age where connectivity and digital presence define the professional landscape, there exists a virtual realm that transcends the boundaries of conventional networking – LinkedIn. As you carve your path towards personal growth and professional success, LinkedIn emerges as a powerful tool that empowers you to amplify your journey. Today, let us embark on an exploration of how you can leverage LinkedIn for personal growth and propel your career aspirations to new heights.

By Christina Harris
Christina Harris Director of McCree Center for Life Success
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You can also make an appointment with one of our team members by logging into your Handshake account and easily setting up an appointment there!